evil doers are evil dreaders

a 1568 R. ASCHAM Schoolmaster (1570) I. 27 Ill doinges, breed ill thinkinges. And corrupted manners, spryng perverted iudgements.

1721 J. KELLY Scottish Proverbs 176 Ill doers, ill deemers.

1737 A. RAMSAY Scots Proverbs xix. Ill doers are ay ill dreaders.

1828 SCOTT Fair Maid of Perth II. v. Put me not to quote the old saw, that evil doers are evil dreaders.—It is your suspicion, not your knowledge, which speaks.

1886 R. L. STEVENSON Kidnapped xxvii. If you were more trustful, it would better befit your time of life... We have a proverb..that evil doers are aye evil-dreaders.

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